When Soulmates Drift Apart, Can They Find Each Other Again?

Casual conversations have their place in life. But if you stay at the safety of the surface, you miss the beauty of what lies beneath.

It has been said that we are spiritual beings living a human life. If that’s your truth —as it is mine — then to live life the way the Creator meant for us to experience it, we must feed our spirit with depth.

Otherwise, we wither in the casual, eventually accepting it as the norm, and losing the spark that propels us to our purpose.

Everything — and I mean everything —is better, more meaningful, and more alive when you share it with someone who experiences life with the same depth as you.

From sharing a sunset on a cliff overlooking the majesty of waves crashing on a shoreline, to riding a bus along a dusty road lined with the despair of poverty, depth adds a dimension that seeks and finds meaning in everything.

Your soul will recognize the people with whom you can share depth the moment you meet them. It may take the human in you a while to catch up, but when it does, there’s no going back.

You can never again have casual conversations with those with whom you’ve shared spiritual intimacy. No matter how hard you try, those conversations will seem forced, frustrating, and leave you angry, confused, and exhausted.

But when your soul touches another, conversations that last for hours seem like seconds, and the longer they are, the more energized you become. It’s as if you’re drinking from a spiritual fire hydrant of eternal love, but your thirst is never quenched, and the fire continues to intensify.

Once you’ve tasted the waters of a spiritual awakening, nothing else will satisfy you.

Taking it slow will never be an option for you and your soul mates once you’ve shared depth’s kiss … her embrace, her understanding. At times it may seem like you’ve drifted apart, but it’s only because your ego got in the way. But your need to be right — individually and collectively — can’t destroy the spiritual bond you share.

No matter how impossible it may seem, life always finds a way to propel you back together to where you need to be … to gift you with yet another do-over.

Because when you lock eyes with someone’s soul and you see your soul reflected back, you’re home.

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