Embracing and Loving Your Dark Side

My deep dive into what is normally considered something to run away from continues.

The journey began a few days ago with Dark Nights of the Soul Revisited and The Lost Child Comes Home. In reality, however, the journey began the day I was born.

Today we explore the benefits of embracing our dark side and loving it like a trusted guide and mentor instead of shunning it like an evil monster out to destroy us.

Our tendency as human beings is to avoid darkness — especially the darkness within — like a cat avoids water. It’s as if by denying our darkness, it will go away.

“We want light, not darkness!” we demand of the Universe.

But what if the Universe’s answer is in the darkness we’re seeking to avoid?

We suppress our dark side, thinking it is something negative or shameful. We put on a happy face regardless of how we’re feeling because nobody likes a Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer. We don’t want to bring others down with our “bad moods.”

In your darkness, you are in the belly of a whale with nothing to do but be carried along.

Thomas Moore

You might think that denying your darkness is healthier than expressing it. But your darkness cannot be denied.

Suppressing it invites spiritual depression.

Spiritual Depression’s Role in Addiction

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, people, work, or anything else we use to distract ourselves from the lessons of the darkness are Band-Aids we use to cover up wounds that, without proper treatment, will fester and infect our souls.

Addiction is a spiritual crisis, a crisis of the dark side with nowhere to go but within. If we don’t allow its expression, it bottles up inside and eventually expresses itself.

Embracing the dark side can be beneficial because it allows us to face and acknowledge our shadow self, which can be a valuable teacher and guide.

By embracing our dark side, we learn about ourselves and our deepest desires and motivations. We can also find compassion and understanding for others who are struggling with their own shadows. It is only by fully embracing all aspects of ourselves that we can find true inner peace and acceptance.

This process can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. It requires a willingness to explore our innermost fears and vulnerabilities. But with patience and compassion, we can learn to love and integrate our dark side into our overall being.

In doing so, we can discover the light that lies within our darkness. This light represents our inner wisdom, creativity, and strength. By tapping into this inner light, we can find the courage to face life’s challenges and the resilience to overcome them.

Embrace your dark side. Because therein lies The Light you seek.

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