The Traveller

I’ve always loved to travel. Going away is the best way to get back to what you have.

It’s time, once again, to journey.

It’s time to go places I’ve never been before and places I’ve been but need to visit again for the first time … to see them with different eyes — the eyes of experience.

It’s time to learn new lessons and remember the lessons I once learned but have long forgotten.

Travel is the greatest gift you can give your spirit.

Leaving home, literally and figuratively is the best way to find oneself.

It’s only by beckoning the call of the spirit and going away — leaving what you have behind — that you truly appreciate the gifts that life has given you.

I miss my spirit — that quiet, peaceful, wise part of me that calls, urges, but never forces.  It’s calling me again — through a restlessness and a gutwrenching jump in my stomach, a symptom that’s with me constantly — and this time I cannot, will not, deny it.

It’s not what you’re eating.  It’s what’s eating you, I once read when seeking a remedy for symptoms that had manifested in my gut.

I love my life and my career.  I love fulfilling the call I have been given.   But my spirit needs to be fed.

It’s time, once again, to journey.

I’ll be back.

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