Trapped Energy: Why do I feel like this?

Keeping your talents trapped inside yourself eventually manifests as emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical symptoms.

The concept of trapped energy as a source of physical, emotional, and mental sluggishness is not new to me. Ever since I can remember, I have been sensitive to shifts in energy, both internal and external.

It began as panic attacks in my pre-teen years — panic attacks brought about by a spiritual angst and hunger no 10-year-old can explain let alone ease.

The panic attacks subsided when I began playing the guitar. Years later, I turned to writing to ease their discomfort.

I learned that by expressing my feelings and releasing the energy they created, I not only helped myself, I also helped others who listened to my songs and read my writings.

These creative outlets have been the balm that soothes the anxiety those shifts in energy create in me before it becomes destructive. And while destructive habits occasionally stepped in when I was too tired or too lazy to write, I also learned to recognize that when I felt “bad,” it was simply the Universe trying to get my attention.

COVID Gets Everybody’s Attention

The pandemic amplified these shifts in energy for the entire population of our quarantined planet. With so much time to think and feel, shifts in energy became daily demons from which we could either run or stay and experience their lessons.

Sadly, the demons often won. Studies show that during the pandemic, alcohol and drug abuse increased. From drinking “mommy juice” to ease the daily stresses of working from home and homeschooling kids to abusing opioids to numb the pain of losing a job, these coping mechanisms created a pandemic within a pandemic, one which a mask, a vaccine, or your non-FDA-approved cure of choice won’t eradicate.

And while, as of this writing, there’s no cure for COVID, there is a cure for the other pandemic it created.

The Demons Meet Their Match

Your talent is God’s gift to you. It is the means by which you can release the energy trapped inside and the symptoms it creates. But there’s a catch.

You must share your talent with others. Inhibiting its expression will eventually manifest itself in even more emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical symptoms.

Feeling like shit?

Find your talent and use it to release the energy trapped inside your soul, the energy that is the catalyst to your creativity, the energy whose release is the purpose for which you were born.

Writing is my medication. What’s yours?

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